Thursday, 26 February 2009


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Oh, I have been having some fun!

Here is my first marriage of the two mediums and I am really pleased with it.

An Art Clay Silver Disc, and a Polymer Clay Lentil Bead. I was showing my daughter last night the "magic" of the Art Clay Silver and made this little disc with the intent of putting it somehow with a polymer creation, but had not really planned exactly how it was going to look. Playing around with it this morning resulted in this pendant. I love the swirls of teal and green and pearl, the bright silver and the shine of both elements together seems well balanced to me. However, of course I am biased!

I now have about 6 more discs in the oven as we speak, drying out, and hopefully will have some more pendants to show you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I know the science behind Silver Clay, but I have to say, experiencing it for the first time was nothing short of Magic!

This little Scroll Heart is my first attempt at working with Silver Clay and I have to say I am really happy with the end result.

Now I need to work out how to marry it with my polymer clay. I have a lot of ideas, but will have to do a little trial and error I think, to see if they will work.

It is very, very different from working with Polymer. For one thing you have next to no time to actually work it, even with the slow drying clay. It is not elastic, as polymer clay is and it cracks very easily as it begins to dry out. The discipline of working with the two clays in conjunction is going to be quite interesting I think.

Can't wait for tomorrow to play again.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Purple Haze

After clearing out my Clay Station/Desk/Area - wish I could call it a studio, but not even my vivid imagination can stretch to that - I put all the canes I had dotted about in various boxes, tins, drawers etc, in one heap and sorted through them.

I always keep a little of every cane I make, for future reference, and often to remind me how far I have come since those early cane making days where they resembled marbled messes rather than Kaleidoscope Canework.

Now all my canes are wrapped and stored neatly in one large box. When I say neatly, that is probably using a little poetic licence, but at least they are all in one place now and not gathering bits of dust and debris in the dark corners of my desk drawer.

This cane was one of those happy accidents, not so much an accident, but no planning went into it - just shades of purple and white, bundled together to see what happened. My favourite sort of caning!!

I made it about a year ago, so it seemed fitting to use some of it for a pendant and ring and a pair of earrings, on its anniversary. There is now only a tiny bit left to remind me what it was like!

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Beauty of Blossoms

Please take a moment to just enjoy this pendant.

The more I look, the more I am drawn into the depths of it.

The translucent flowers, in particular, call to me. The clarity achieved here is nothing short of amazing. And no, it is not made of glass!

This beautiful pendant was made by Linda of NK Designs, New York, from Polymer Clay and finished with Resin. Linda designs and makes every flower cane and leaf cane and then combines them to make the most stunning pendants.

If seeing is believing, then you must go and see her Etsy Shop:

And if you would like to have a go at making a flower cane like these then have a look at her brilliant tutorial on her blog:

Just beautiful!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

love grows

love grows
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Hearts abound this weekend and these are my favourite.

Revonav's stunning earrings in Stirling Silver and 14K Gold say it all for me. It's hard to put into words how David's work makes me feel. Suffice to say that I am usually speechless.

If you are in the mood for being romanced, then go and browse in his Etsy Shop:

Hope you had a very romantic weekend.

Monday, 2 February 2009

It May Be Winter Outside......

Sun Flower
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.......but in my heart it's spring!

I thought I would show you my colourful Sunflower Bead Necklace to brighten up this snowy day!

I love these necklaces - but it always takes an age to condition all the different coloured clay. I hate conditioning clay - so I put off making these until I have lots of scraps of conditioned clay from other projects!

It makes a change for me to do something with so many colours in one piece. Usually it is two or three at the most. Not sure why that is - just the way the colour calls to me I think!

We have had lots of snow here in the UK today - the most we have had for 18 years. Hope you all had a great Snow Day if you are in the UK - we didn't have much here in Wiltshire, but still managed to have some fun with the Children. Snow Ball Fight!!!!