Saturday, 16 January 2010


Originally uploaded by Pips Jewellery Creation
I posted this photo on Flickr yesterday and got so many lovely comments on it, I thought I would share it with my blog visitors too.

There are 95 individual beads on here - each of which I hand sanded and polished! It took a very long time as you can imagine, but even longer to put together - 95 wire wraps take forever!!

It is the fullest bracelet I have ever made and I wondered if maybe it was a little too full, but when it is on it looks fantastic and makes such a great sound too!

The technique for the beads comes from Donna Kato's book, "The Art Of Polymer Clay - Millefiori Techniques". I can recommend this book 100% for anyone who works with Polymer Clay - it is a constant source of inspiration to me.

The colours I have used are quite muted, which I wanted because with so many beads I thought that brighter colours would make the overall effect too "busy".

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Would a bright one be something you would like? Would it look good in lots of shades of one colour? How about a sort of rainbow effect, starting with one colour at one end and then working its way round the spectrum to the other end? What do you think - I would love to know!