Monday, 8 October 2012

Artisan Whimsy - Come and Join Us!!

I'm a member, are you?  If not, then please, come and join us!

Artisan Whimsy is a new website and learning centre for anyone who is interested in Handmade Jewellery and Beads and everything to do with them.  It is a fantastic place to meet like-minded enthusiasts from all over the world and make friends and basically indulge in our favourite topic!!

Today is the first blog post of the UK Blog Team and there are prizes to be won!  We introduce ourselves and tell you a little about our work and influences and there is a challenge for you all to take part in.

Each member of the Blog Team explains whereabouts in the UK we hail from and your challenge is to create a piece of jewellery or a component drawing inspiration from the region that we live in.

My nearest City is Bath, the beautiful Georgian city which has it's roots going back to Roman times, when they had a Spa there.  You can still visit the amazing Roman Baths today and imagine yourself back in time 2000 years ago.

The Roman Baths at Bath

Bath Abbey

Beautiful Pultney Bridge

The Incredible Royal Crescent
The Romans were very fond of their jewellery, so much in fact that there was a law passed, banning people from wearing too much gold - it was considered "tacky"!!!

If you look at this picture of some examples of Roman Jewellery you can see that many of the techniques they used are still in use today, 2000 years later!  I find that amazing!

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If you decide that you would like to choose Bath as your inspiration for this challenge then I am offering a set of my Petal Capped Beads in Teal and Black Cherry as a prize!

Petal Capped Bead Set
You can chose which region appeals to you the most out of the ones listed, and of course if you want you can do more than one region, although prizes are limited to one per person.

So, how do you join this fantastic new website and take part in all the fun?  Go here and just follow the instructions, it is really simple.  I do hope to see you there!

Pippa x