Thursday, 12 March 2009


It's been a hectic few days for me. Lots of family things to sort and not a lot of time for bead making.

I had a disappointing time with a new style of bead that I spent at least 4 hours on, only to find that I had pierced them incorrectly and they would not string properly. Very frustrating and it wasted time that I did not really have.
So I was really pleased that a pair of earring that I made in a completely new style worked out just how I wanted them to!

I have called them Leaf Flowers and am hoping to make them in different colours and some slightly different styles.

Then yesterday I was so happy to find I had my Monochrome Necklace included in a beautiful Treasury on Etsy, compiled by a fellow PCAGOE team member Chicki. She called the treasury Monochrome, after my necklace, which was a lovely touch. Thank you so much Tina - you made my day!

I have also made a necklace from the Lady's Slipper Beads and love it! Hope you do to!
I have a busy week next week, I will keep you posted - I am hoping some Art Clay Silver will make an appearance!