Monday, 21 May 2012

Lovely Blogger Friends, 

This is such a hard post to write, so I will keep it very short, I know you will all understand.

My lovely Mum, who I have been looking after and caring for for the past 7 years, died last Monday.

She was 88 and had suffered from Dementia.  As any of you who have had to help a loved one with Dementia will know, it was a sad and difficult road for us all to travel.

The one bright lining to our particular cloud was that we managed to care for her at home, right up until the end, even though the last 3 weeks were very hard.  She died in her own bed, in her home and that was what she had wanted. 

Her funeral is on Wednesday and the forecast is for a beautiful sunny day, she would have liked that.

I will need a little more time to get myself together and then I will be back.

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful messages of love and support that you have sent me, they have meant so very much to me.

With much love