Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Time. Where does it all go? Where can I get more of it? I need more time!

The past few months have been so busy that this poor little blog has been very neglected. Apologies to everyone who has popped in and found nothing new to read and apologies to myself for not keeping up with this, as I promised myself I would!

It is only 6 weeks until Christmas, as my Daughter has just informed me and I am in the midst of my busiest season, with lots of stock to make for the 7 craft fairs I have booked - yes that is 7! So my Season Resolution for between now and New Year's Eve is to try and blog once a week, just a short, sweet blog - about all the new friends and fellow artists I have met in recent months in various on line places.

Readers you are in for a treat! Pictures today are just some of the new work I have been doing!