Thursday, 19 March 2009

Blossom Branch

At last I have had a little time to play with the Art Clay Silver.

This little brach of blossoms was inspired by a photo my friend Kate from Organic Odysseys posted on our Forum. I had at first, decided to inlay one of the blossoms with Polymer Clay, but that proved a lot more tricky than I had imagined! So the tiny centres of the blossoms are polymer in shades of pearl, lilac and cerese instead. Just that little touch of colour really makes the pendant "pop" and shows off the silver that little bit more.

It is a steep learning curve, making things with Silver Clay, not least because of the short time you have before the clay starts to dry out, but I am enjoying trying things with it. I made a few more dics to inset into polymer pendants as well and will make those up next week. I have a lot of beads I need to make up into a pebble fringe bracelet and a couple of pendants that need wire work and they all have to be done before Saturday so I can take them to Cirencester.

I think I will have a busy day tomorrow!