Monday, 19 March 2012

Easter Bundle.......and some photos of what I made with all those beads!

Easter is just around the corner!!  I am excited!  I love Easter.

So today I was inspired to make some Easter Eggs.  I made some a couple of years ago as Easter Egg Tree Decorations and hung them with little bits of ribbon - very sweet (check out my Flickr Photos if you would like to see them in situ), but this year I thought my Easter Eggs could do with becoming a little more grown up.  I decided to make them in the Faux Ceramic Style I have been working on and to team them up with some of my other beads.

So here you are - an Easter Bundle - Just for you!

Easter Bundle

Round Texture Beads, Love Bird, Ivy Leaf, and Easter Egg
I do so hope you like them!

And especially for Rin, who left a lovely comment and asked if I would show what I eventually made with all of last weeks beads!

So here are some photos for you Rin, hope you like what I did with them :)

Seed Pod Bead Bracelet

Seed Pod Bead Long Necklace

Retro Cherry Heart Necklace

Metallic Motif Necklace

Purple Haze Snowdrop Necklace
Phew!  It was a good productive week, but tiring!  I have one more Craft Fair this Saturday and then I have a Saturday off to take my gorgeous daughter and her 2 friends to have their nails done and have lunch (a birthday treat) and then I am off to Cornwall the following weekend for a few days!  I can't wait!!! 

The weather is beautiful here at the moment, so I wondered if anyone would like to see where I live?  I could take a few photos of my village and some of the historic buildings we have.  It is a beautiful place.  I thought it would be nice if you all could picture where I live and work? 

Watch out for the next post!

Hope you all have a wonderful and sun filled week, where ever you are!