Monday, 23 February 2009

Purple Haze

After clearing out my Clay Station/Desk/Area - wish I could call it a studio, but not even my vivid imagination can stretch to that - I put all the canes I had dotted about in various boxes, tins, drawers etc, in one heap and sorted through them.

I always keep a little of every cane I make, for future reference, and often to remind me how far I have come since those early cane making days where they resembled marbled messes rather than Kaleidoscope Canework.

Now all my canes are wrapped and stored neatly in one large box. When I say neatly, that is probably using a little poetic licence, but at least they are all in one place now and not gathering bits of dust and debris in the dark corners of my desk drawer.

This cane was one of those happy accidents, not so much an accident, but no planning went into it - just shades of purple and white, bundled together to see what happened. My favourite sort of caning!!

I made it about a year ago, so it seemed fitting to use some of it for a pendant and ring and a pair of earrings, on its anniversary. There is now only a tiny bit left to remind me what it was like!