Monday, 2 February 2009

It May Be Winter Outside......

Sun Flower
Originally uploaded by Pips Jewellery Creation
.......but in my heart it's spring!

I thought I would show you my colourful Sunflower Bead Necklace to brighten up this snowy day!

I love these necklaces - but it always takes an age to condition all the different coloured clay. I hate conditioning clay - so I put off making these until I have lots of scraps of conditioned clay from other projects!

It makes a change for me to do something with so many colours in one piece. Usually it is two or three at the most. Not sure why that is - just the way the colour calls to me I think!

We have had lots of snow here in the UK today - the most we have had for 18 years. Hope you all had a great Snow Day if you are in the UK - we didn't have much here in Wiltshire, but still managed to have some fun with the Children. Snow Ball Fight!!!!