Thursday, 30 July 2009

What - No Tutorial?

Sorry! I know I promised to post a tutorial this week, but I just did not get round to it. Some strange things have been going on with my blog that I have been trying to work out.

Since Sunday I have had over 11,000 new visitors. Now, I think my blog is quite good, well in my humble opinion anyway, but not THAT good. The unusual number of visitors is about 3 or 4 a day, so something was definitely going on! Try though I might, I cannot find where all these people are coming from (although I am pretty sure it is Stumbleupon, but I cannot find the page). So, if you are one of the 11,000, then Welcome, nice to see you here and I hope you enjoy looking around and please leave a comment telling me how you found my blog, I would love to know!

I have managed to get some new work done as well, in spite of all the detective work. I got some wonderful Filigree Wraps from the brilliant This has got to be my all time favourite site for wonderful settings, blanks and unusual findings. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Here's what I did with them.

I have also done a little Mokume Gane Technique in the clay and made these double drilled beads. Tricky to string, but worth the effort in the end!

A couple of other bits and pieces too!

So, hopefully, next week will be a little quieter, although the children are on Summer Holidays now so who knows how much I will get done, but I will try, honestly, to get that tutorial up.
We are hoping, crossing our fingers, toes, arms and legs, that the weather will improve soon - for our Holiday in Cornwall.

Keep your fingers crossed for us as well!
A Quick Update...

Thank you so much to the Wonderful Hannah of Spans-Stitchin' who found the Stumbleupon Page that was sending all the Traffic to here. Hannah makes the most beautiful crotchet and sewn items - have a look here at her blog! Now I can stop trawling the web trying to it and get back to claying!!! Many thanks Hannah - you are an absolute star!