Friday, 10 February 2012

A Little Ice and Randomness to End The Day!

I actually made some Jewellery today!  Couldn't resist making something to include one of the Jade Elephants. So quickly made some more jade textured beads for this sweet little bracelet.

Iced Jade Bracelet

Then I started looking through my stash of  "At Somepoint In The Future I Might Do Something With These Beads"!!  So a little bit of Randomness to finish the day!
Random Bracelet
Thats All Folks!!

A Few New Beads

Just Listed on Etsy today for you!

Written In Stone

I have been making some of my Pebble Beads and thought that this would be great for Valentines Day.  I will be taking quite a few of these to the Craft Fair on Saturday, just in time for the 14th. 

Faux Jade Little Elephant Charms
My Little Elephant Charms are always popular, but I wanted to make them in something else rather than Grey.  After a little thinking it suddenly occured to me that they would look brilliant in Jade!  Hope you like them!

In case you haven't seen them in my Etsy Store, here are my new connector beads to match the Petal / Flower Capped Beads. 

Snowdrop on Burnt Orange

Turquoise Waters

Azure Skies

Bronze Flower

Hope you all have a great and warm weekend!  (It's been snowing here Brrrr!)