Friday, 8 June 2012

Baby Steps

After nearly two months I have finally made something.

No new designs, I think I need to take small baby steps at first, so I have revisited some old designs.
Butterfly Wing Beads - Cane instruction by Donna Kato
Beads - my own idea!

Slowly, I am starting to create again. 

So happy to be back here.  So happy to start interacting with you all again. 
Water Colour Beads - Technique by Maggie Maggio

Thank you all for all your support.

I've missed you all !
What I finally made with that Klimt Cane I posted on my Flickr Page!

I know I still have some outstanding orders and some enquiries to answer fully, will be making a start on those next week - I haven't forgotten!

Much love
Pippa xxx