Thursday, 30 April 2009

Beautiful Birds

Sage One 1
Originally uploaded by DivaDesigns1
Please let me introduce you to the work of my very special Friend, Lynda of Diva Designs.

This stunning pendant is part of her series of Bird Beads and I think it may be my favourite yet. This newest series of hers has become incredibly popular, not surprisingly and Lynda was recently featured on Polymer Clay Daily.

Lynda has a way with the clay that is elegant, original and always beautifully finished. And I mean Beautifully Finished! We have had many conversations regarding the merits of sanding, sanding and then sanding some more!


Friday, 24 April 2009

A Rest, A Restart and a Revisit!

I have had a bit of a break from the computer for a couple of weeks, over the Easter Break, but now I am back!

I feel much better for my little holiday, not that I went anywhere, but it was good to try and recharge my batteries, they were running on nearly empty I think!

So we tried to have some family time, and not think about work too much! My contribution to time was to stay off the computer (except for essentials!) The children really appreciated having us all to themselves for once and we had some lovely days out!

It has been back to the routine this week, children back at school, and us back at work, and so to the revisit...

..I have not made any Faux Jade for a long time, but thought it would be interesting to revisit it. Sometimes it is good to go back to basics and do something that I tried way back when I was first starting to work with Polymer Clay. It was very soothing to make something really simple for a change, my hands just knew what to do, while my mind was going down various other routes of things I might try next week.

Hope your weekend is a good one!