Thursday, 30 April 2009

Beautiful Birds

Sage One 1
Originally uploaded by DivaDesigns1
Please let me introduce you to the work of my very special Friend, Lynda of Diva Designs.

This stunning pendant is part of her series of Bird Beads and I think it may be my favourite yet. This newest series of hers has become incredibly popular, not surprisingly and Lynda was recently featured on Polymer Clay Daily.

Lynda has a way with the clay that is elegant, original and always beautifully finished. And I mean Beautifully Finished! We have had many conversations regarding the merits of sanding, sanding and then sanding some more!



Lynda said...

Pippa, you are such a good friend! Thank you so much for featuring me today on your beautiful blog. You have made my week! You really are THE BEST!

Pips said...

Lynda, it is my pleasure, your work is gorgeous and needs to be seen by everyone!