Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Lot Has Been Happening.... (Picture Heavy!)

....but not much of it to do with Polymer!

We have been very busy with family visiting from Canada, a Wedding and a Birthday. Lots of time spent catching up, organising and celebrating, which of course has impeded my time spent with the clay.

I had a huge order to fulfil. The largest single order I have ever received. It was slightly stressful, getting it all ready in time, but the customer was very happy with it, which was brilliant!

I am slowly getting back on track with making stock and starting to think about the dreaded "C" word (Christmas nooooo!) and how much work I need to start putting in.

We are having a bit of a heatwave here in the UK - the past couple of days have been beautiful, with temperatures up in the high 20's and it is set to last the rest of the week - not to good for my resolve to settle down in my wonderful studio and do some serious work. The sunshine beckons and my heart keeps telling me to go out and enjoy the sun before it disappears for the winter, so not a lot is getting done! But I reckon that next week when the sun has gone will be a better time to hunker down - what do you think?

It was Logan's 9th Birthday earlier this week and my little man is going through some tough times at the moment, so it was great to have a happy day and see his face light up first thing in the morning when he saw his presents!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to and next week I will be back to regular posts about Polymer and Jewellery and Work - as long as the sunshine doesn't continue - if it does then I can't be held responsible for being irresponsible and enjoying it!!!

At Lacock Abbey - where they filmed some of the scenes from Harry Potter! This is just down the road from us and my Cousins from Canada are huge HP fans - they could not believe that they were actually inside Hogwarts Castle!!


Ok - so some work got done! Just a few of the many leaf canes I made for my big order!

I got "Steampunkery" by the wonderful Christi Friesen and Katie made this incredible turtle - my daughter has so much talent - much more than me!

Logan's Birthday - Happy Birthday my Wonderful Boy - I am so proud of you each and every day. You have come so far and we love you so very much!

6.30 a.m. half asleep still, but loving his new bike!!

Logan is a massive Dr Who fan so I made this chocolate Dalek Cake for him!

Way too many candles!!! Birthday Party with school friends!

Birthday Tea (on his actual birthday - the Party was early in the week), with my lovely Mum and Katie and one of Logan's friends.

Make a Wish! (Dalek cake has been demolished by this time - so 2nd cake for the actual day! How lucky is he!)

Action Shots on the Bike!

Hope you all have a wonderful week whatever the weather is with you!