Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Insanity is only one more Workman away...

Ok, I realise that I have no justification to complain, after all, at the end of all this, I will have a studio room just for me, (also a sitting room that will be a joy to sit in rather than the somewhat dark cave that we have been used to for the past 10 years).

It will be spacious, it will be to my design, it will have dedicated storage, for the few bit and pieces that my craft requires (ok, ok yes....for the huge amounts of absolutely essential, needed, have to have, necessary, I cannot live without, "things" that my craft requires).

It will be light, it will be airy, it will be nothing short of amazing (in my eyes anyway).

BUT.......I am at the point of meltdown here.

3 more weeks to go before the carpet goes down and then I can start making it into the sort of room I have only glimpsed in half forgotten dreams.

BUT..... I am not sure I will actually last three weeks in a state of normality....well what passes for normality for me. I am going ever so slightly crazy here with how we are having to live to get to that state of Nirvana.

The pictures speak for themselves......