Monday, 2 February 2009

It May Be Winter Outside......

Sun Flower
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.......but in my heart it's spring!

I thought I would show you my colourful Sunflower Bead Necklace to brighten up this snowy day!

I love these necklaces - but it always takes an age to condition all the different coloured clay. I hate conditioning clay - so I put off making these until I have lots of scraps of conditioned clay from other projects!

It makes a change for me to do something with so many colours in one piece. Usually it is two or three at the most. Not sure why that is - just the way the colour calls to me I think!

We have had lots of snow here in the UK today - the most we have had for 18 years. Hope you all had a great Snow Day if you are in the UK - we didn't have much here in Wiltshire, but still managed to have some fun with the Children. Snow Ball Fight!!!!


K.C. said...

Those are really beautiful Pips! We are getting ready for a Groundhog day storm here, but it was just sunny enough this morning that Phil ( our weather forecasting groundhog of the USA) saw his shadow and traditionally that means six more weeks of winter! lol
so those really brightened my day! Beautiful work!

Pips said...

Thank you so much Kate!

Not sure whether I can last for another 6 weeks without seeing the first signs of spring!! We have snowdrops out here - does that count?

uniquecommodities said...

I love it! So festive!

Pips said...

Thank you uniquecommodities - so happy that you like it!