Monday, 19 March 2012

Easter Bundle.......and some photos of what I made with all those beads!

Easter is just around the corner!!  I am excited!  I love Easter.

So today I was inspired to make some Easter Eggs.  I made some a couple of years ago as Easter Egg Tree Decorations and hung them with little bits of ribbon - very sweet (check out my Flickr Photos if you would like to see them in situ), but this year I thought my Easter Eggs could do with becoming a little more grown up.  I decided to make them in the Faux Ceramic Style I have been working on and to team them up with some of my other beads.

So here you are - an Easter Bundle - Just for you!

Easter Bundle

Round Texture Beads, Love Bird, Ivy Leaf, and Easter Egg
I do so hope you like them!

And especially for Rin, who left a lovely comment and asked if I would show what I eventually made with all of last weeks beads!

So here are some photos for you Rin, hope you like what I did with them :)

Seed Pod Bead Bracelet

Seed Pod Bead Long Necklace

Retro Cherry Heart Necklace

Metallic Motif Necklace

Purple Haze Snowdrop Necklace
Phew!  It was a good productive week, but tiring!  I have one more Craft Fair this Saturday and then I have a Saturday off to take my gorgeous daughter and her 2 friends to have their nails done and have lunch (a birthday treat) and then I am off to Cornwall the following weekend for a few days!  I can't wait!!! 

The weather is beautiful here at the moment, so I wondered if anyone would like to see where I live?  I could take a few photos of my village and some of the historic buildings we have.  It is a beautiful place.  I thought it would be nice if you all could picture where I live and work? 

Watch out for the next post!

Hope you all have a wonderful and sun filled week, where ever you are!



Saturday Sequins said...

I love the eggs and bird! Adorable. Reminds me of the days when I was the official Easter Egg Hider in my family, and my poor aunt and uncle would find the eggs months later. :)

I would love to see a picture of where you live!

Judy said...

Yes - would love to see photos of where you live!
I'm originally from the Isle of Wight though I currently live on the beach on the Red Sea coast in Egypt.
First saw your adorable beach hut beads on Polymer Clay Daily (how I miss that at weekends!) and really love your other work.
I'm just beginning what I can also imagine is going to be an obsession too - but as I tell my hubby, it's cheaper than therapy! ;-)
Enjoy Cornwall. I went with my daughter a few years ago and fell in love with St. Ives.


Pips said...

Sarah, we have dine that si many times, but we never seem to find the eggs we had lost, think that naughty Meg must have eaten them!

Judy, so lovely to meet you here! Thank you for your kind words and would love to see what you get up to with your obsession! :)