Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bead Table Wesdnesday - Or...I've stopped faffing around and got something made this week!

After a slow start to the week which went something like this....

...OK, need to make a lot of beads this week, because I had a storming day at the Craft Fair on Saturday and now I have next to no stock...I'll just make a cup of coffee first because that will get me in the swing of things...while the kettle is boiling I'll just have a quick look on Flickr....oh Wow, pretty things, shiny things, gorgeous things!

Ok, really need to sit down and make some beads, but I finished my coffee whilst I was on the computer checking out important stuff so I will make another and then I will really get on.

I'll just check if I have some black opaque seed beads for this design first...ok really need to order some seed beads, just check what that new site has to offer....oh look lots and lots of beads and clasps and ooooh look shiny stuff and pretty things.....

Right I need to settle down and MAKE SOME BEADS.......gosh I'm hungry, look it's lunch time already, I'll just make a sandwich and then....

You get the general idea lol!!

But today I was disciplined, I was focused, I was productive (makes a change!)

And here is what I made!  Feeling good, feeling pleased and just a little bit better about the amount of beads I still need to make lol!

Would you like to see any of these on Etsy?  At the moment they are earmarked for necklaces for the craft fair, but I would love to know if you like them and if they are something you could use in your designs!

Thank you so much lovely blogger friends!
Seed Pod Beads

Metallic Motif

Candy Hearts

Purple Haze Snowdrops


Lots of Sunflowers!
 Phew....That was a good days work.

Hope you week is proving productive too!



Rin said...

I love the colors of the Seed Pod beads. They just seem so light and spring/summery! (Considering it's in the 80s where I am, I'm in a summer mood!)

Will you be showing us what you make with your beads?

Chris Pellow Designs said...

hahahaha... that was soooo much like my days start! tooo funny Pippa.

and yes, those beads are gorgeous!

Glad to see you made the ORBIT beads without hair :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Pippa, Once you get started you go the mile. I love all of the beads you made.

Saturday Sequins said...

Pippa, I love the candy hearts and the textured buttons. I think both would sell very well on Etsy. :)

Good for you, being productive! I, myself, am very easily distracted. Sometimes it feels like creativity is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent procrastination!

Pips said...

Hi Rin, wish it was in the 80's here, lucky you! Yes I will post some pictures of what I made. thank you!

Chris, smooth and silky seemed perhaps a better look than stubbly!!!!

Thank you so much Theresa, wish I was that productive all of the time!!

Sarah, that describes me to a Tee!!! thank you so much, might put some of the hearts up on Etsy!

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Beautiful! Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥♥

Pips said...

Hi Anne, so nice to meet you and see you here - thank you!