Thursday, 26 February 2009


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Oh, I have been having some fun!

Here is my first marriage of the two mediums and I am really pleased with it.

An Art Clay Silver Disc, and a Polymer Clay Lentil Bead. I was showing my daughter last night the "magic" of the Art Clay Silver and made this little disc with the intent of putting it somehow with a polymer creation, but had not really planned exactly how it was going to look. Playing around with it this morning resulted in this pendant. I love the swirls of teal and green and pearl, the bright silver and the shine of both elements together seems well balanced to me. However, of course I am biased!

I now have about 6 more discs in the oven as we speak, drying out, and hopefully will have some more pendants to show you tomorrow!


Nicola said...

Sweeeeet - see I knew your work would immediately be fabulous!
If you make a fine siver pin on the back of your silver clay pieces you can lock it straight into the Polymer clay, really really securely..(Like a fabulous inclusion). e.g How about a bee on a polymer clay honey cell??
Can't wait to see your next pieces
Nic xx

Pips said...

Nicola Thank you so much - I am really encouraged by your comments!

I am also seriously inspired by the bee on the honney cell! What a wonderful idea!

Laurabee said...

Beautiful. I have been wanting to try art clay myself. It seems like a natural transition...or addition to polymer.

Pips said...

Thanks Laura - yes I felt the same way - the two were made for each other!