Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I know the science behind Silver Clay, but I have to say, experiencing it for the first time was nothing short of Magic!

This little Scroll Heart is my first attempt at working with Silver Clay and I have to say I am really happy with the end result.

Now I need to work out how to marry it with my polymer clay. I have a lot of ideas, but will have to do a little trial and error I think, to see if they will work.

It is very, very different from working with Polymer. For one thing you have next to no time to actually work it, even with the slow drying clay. It is not elastic, as polymer clay is and it cracks very easily as it begins to dry out. The discipline of working with the two clays in conjunction is going to be quite interesting I think.

Can't wait for tomorrow to play again.


Nicola said...

Hi Pips
That is such a great first pendant :) Combining Silver Clay & Polymer clay is loads of fun & you're sooooo talented with the polymer!
I've recently started a blog with PMC tips...14 years with silver clay & I finally start a blog, lol :-)
You'll find it at

Nic xx

Pips said...

Hi Nicola!

Thank you so much! I loved working with the silver clay and cannot wait to do some more now. I had a look at your blog and there is some brilliant information and tip on there - I will be back for more!

Pippa x

Gill said...

I've nominated you for an award here: said...

This is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you come up with, mixing the two mediums.

Pips said...

Thank you for the nomination Gill - what a lovely thing to do!

Thank you Missficklemedia - I am having a brilliant time with the two mediums!