Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Busy Morning

I made lots of heart pendants today. My stock is so low that I was getting a little embarrassed hanging the few that I had on my display last Saturday. It look very sad!

So today I made some Mica Shift Hearts with a triple layer. They look quite cool I think! I tried the new Peacock Pearl by Premo, but was very disappointed with the chatoyancy effect. Not enough Mica in the mix. I do love the colour though. So I had to add lots of Pearl to get a better effect.

This chocolate brown mix turned out brilliantly - it was even easy to photograph!

Next I made a couple of swirls - again I am seriously low on stock, but they are not my favourite thing to made, so I keep putting them off, you can see that I only managed a few before I moved on to making some Bakewell Butterfly Beads - they are the ones that look like feathered icing that you get on Bakewell Tarts (here in the UK) or a little like the patterns on butterfly wings.

So now I need to do loads of sanding with my micro mesh and then buff them up ready to be assembled tomorrow. Hopefully I can gets some photos up then for you to see.

Hope you are having a productive day too.



Karen Ind said...

They look amazing Pippa and I love the bead table below.

Pips said...

Hey Karen - Thank you! I am so lucky with my studio set up now - lots of proper space to work - it makes all the difference. Thanks for coming and commenting - it's always great to get comments :)

Dotty Peach said...

Hi,I have just started my polymer clay and blogging journey. Your Hearts are lovely and the bead table amazing. Hope I get to be half as good one day. lorraine x

Pips said...

Thank you so much Lorraine, I have had a peek at your blog too and am looking forward to seeing more! This is such a great medium to work with - if I can help you with any questions, please feel free to ask :)