Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Are YOU One of the Three???

Ok, here is the thing....

The rules of the game say that I choose the first three comments on my blog post yesterday to be the lucky recipients of something gorgeous and handmade by me.

The First Three.......that is soooo hard!

When I put my comment on Cilla's Blog, I wasn't one of the Three....and yet she was so generous that she included a couple of extra comments as well, so in the end I was one of the Three...well one of the Five actually.

So, as this is a Pay It Forward theme, it felt only right that I should continue with Cilla's generous idea and choose more than three.

First lucky person then is Jennifer from Souls Fire Designs - (do check out her blog, she is amazing!)

Second is Julie from Made By Jules, one of my lovely and very talented fellow Craft Fairers!  Well Julie, this should get you blogging again!

Third would be Emma.....however Emma is my lovely neice from Canada, and not wanting to be accused of favouring family or anything, I am not going to count her, but will still send you something lovely Emma!

Fourth is Leigh, a lovely new friend I have "met" on an online beading group, so excited that you will be joining in Leigh!  Please go and check out her blog, Jewellrleigh

Fourth is Sky, happy to be sending something to you Sky!  Here is her blog for you all to check out Creative Chaos, what a great name!

Fifth is Elizabeth from Elizabeths Art, what a lovely blog you have Elizabeth!

and Lastly Sixth is Rebecca from the wonderful Songbeads.  Rebecca is an incredible Jewellery Designer who I am sure you have all heard of and have drooled over her gorgeous designs.

Dear Jody, who also commented by did not want to take part, I am so sorry that it didn't work out for you the last time that you did something like this, but thank you so much for commenting Jody.

So, over the next week or so, I will be contacting you all to find out what sort of things you like, colour preferences etc etc.  I will then make something for you, it might be a piece of jewellery or it might be some beads, if you have a preference, just let me know.  I want you to be happy!!! 

Of course, you will have no idea when I will send it to you.  Might be next week.  Might be over Christmas.  Might be in the depths of February to cheer you up on a dark and dismal day.  You will all have to wait and see.

Thank you all for taking part and playing along.  And Remember.........you all must Pay It Forward too.  Do a Blog Post and choose three (or more) people who comment and send them something gorgeous too!

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far



Skye said...

whohoo! Awesome :) I'm writing my blog post now, but I'll set it to post tomorrow since only one person has commented on the giveaway on the current page so far ;)

elizabeth said...

Argh! Wow! Never thought I'd get in! Yay! :D Thank you ;)

Will be blogging soon to say thanks and spread the crafty love :D

Cilla said...

Have fun!!!

~Jody said...

lol - your welcome ;)

Rebecca said...

Hi Pip! I thought I had commented here and said thank you, and I've just checked my sent emails too, so I am sorry that I just thanked you and was excited in my head! Sometimes I do that.....

Anyway, here I am now - and THANK YOU! I am so excited that I was one of your bonus selections :-) I am going to to write my pay it forward post for Monday, once my current giveaway is over. Hope that's ok!

Leigh Thow said...

OMG, just noticed your blog after receiving your email, what world have I been living in!! This is so exciting and you are very generous, I can't wait to receive my surprise. I will need to get blogging am off all week so am sure I will find time around my Uni assessment whoopee !! Pippa you are brilliant and have brightened my already cheery day xx

Joryel Vera said...

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