Friday, 22 June 2012


It comes to us all I suppose, and my Optician said that I had done very well to get to 48 without needing glasses before!
Now I can see how messy my desk actually is!

So, Varifocals were picked up yesterday and now I have "Nodding Dog Syndrome" as I try to find the correct focal points.

"Point Your Nose, Don't Move Your Eyes" she said.  Easier said than done.  My neck aches, I have a headache and even my nose aches!

2 weeks apparently and I will be so used to them I will wonder how I ever did without them.  2 weeks seems like quite a long time this morning.  Mind you, at least I can see what I am doing now instead of "feeling" everything lol!!

Someone tell me that this gets easier! :)

Hope you all have a great and in focus weekend.

Love  Pippa


Fiona said...

It doesn't necessarily get easily. I gave up with my first pair. And three years later tried again. This time after the third type of lens I am getting on better but they are far from perfect and absolutely no good for the computer. Don't be afraid to go back if you don't like them. They really don't work for everyone.

Laurel said...

You have great eyes if you got to 48 w/out needing glasses! I got my first pair at 11. Was right on schedule with bifocals at 40. I hope you have the kind with no lines - it really helps!

Maria said...

It is a very stylish model glasses and looks very good on you. I am 44 and i notice i have some trouble in the evening reading small letters and stitching in miniature without good light.I think i need some glasses in the near future too.
Nice weekend
p.s Creative mess is art not mess:)

Monique U. said...

Like Fiona, I, too, required more than one go at the bifocal game. I think finally at age 50 I have received the Rx which suits me best. Do wear them as much as you can as this will facillitate the adjustment. HOWEVER, I also agree that many times it is necessary to return to one's practitioner for reassessment; sometimes a second opinion is warranted. I have worn corrective lens since age 8 and I have come to believe a series of measurements is in my best interests, rather than a single assessment. I have on more than one occasion been prescribed unsuitable lens. Forgive the long comment, but our eyesight is so precious and irreplacable that it should be one of our highest healthcare priorities. Hopefully, the aging of Western populations will result in increases in the quality of this speciality. Good luck with your new glasses, dear Pippa!

Cara Jane said...

Well your need for glasses didn't show in your jewellery! Hope you get used to them soon. I ought to go get mine checked too but am waiting to be not tired one day to see if it's just tiredness making it hard to focus sometimes. Right off to bed in an attempt to be not tired!

Karla said...

It gets easier. Eventually you won't even notice them. Your body will adapt and things WILL get better!

Pips said...

Thank you all so much for your wonderful and helpful comments. I persevered for a week, but they have had to go back! The focal point was way too low on them and I kept getting horrid neck ache and headaches. They now tell me that varifocals are probably not suitable for what I need!! Wish they had told me that when they recommended them. So they are upping the strength of the glasses so that the middle bit I look through is stronger and that will hopefully work, but if not then I can go back again and again until they are right. sigh!! Looks like this could be a long road.... :)

Chris Pellow Designs said...

Pippa I tried them too and hated the the fact that the strip to see further ahead was so narrow, not to mention the periphal view impairment.
Had sore head and neck pain as well as I had to bow too much in one direction to see close by, and then strain in the other to see further away. So brought them back :(

Unless you opt for really big glasses, they seem to have a problem with thinner frames..

Hope you find a solution!