Monday, 23 May 2011

New Studio Room

This is the start of my studio room! (apologies for the blurry second photo).

I can hardly believe that after working for the past 5 years at my tiny Ikea desk to both clay, assemble and photograph my jewellery I am going to have a dedicated work space. The house looks and feels as though a bomb has hit it, but the excitement levels are running high. I will post more pictures as the work gets done so that you can see how the whole thing progresses.

In the meantime I am claying in the kitchen and assembling in my bedroom. Not a lot of fun, but it will all be so worth it!

I am still planning the whole studio/craft station/storage thing as I go along, and have no real idea of what I am doing! If you have any useful tips, brilliant storage ideas, amazing ideas on how a studio works best then I would really love to hear from you.

Most of all thought, this is going to be fun - hope you will enjoy seeing the room develop as much as I will.


surfingcat said...

wow lucky you! I found a blog the other day all about peoples creative spaces - will try and remember what it was and send you the link. I wish I could give you some tips but my workspace is always chaos, I hope to master the storage one day!
I will start working on a South West polymer clay group soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting some dedicated space for your studio. With your talent, you deserve it. My studio just kind of fell into place and fortunately it is dedicated for my art work only. Try as hard as I can though, I cannot keep it straightened up, but I'm sure that you know how hard that is. As for organization, you really probably already know what to do with/in the space you have. Good luck and keep up the great work.

Pips said...

Hi Cara! I am feeling very lucky - cannot wait for it to be finished!

Thank you anonymous (would love to know your name!) what a lovely comment. Would love to see your studio - do you have a link?