Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fish, Flowers and Trees - 1 Week and 23 Beads Later...

My journey into the realms of Focal Beads has taken me by surprise. Having made the first couple of Flower Focals I knew I was hooked, but I have been surprised by how much these little beads took over my creativity for over a week.

I was like a thing possessed! Most of you who know me, know that I am a butterfly, always flitting around from one technique to another, from one style to another and usually when I have made one or two of something, then I am off looking for the next exciting thing I can make in polymer.
Not this time. First a series of 8 Flower Focals. Then I had images of fish in my head and knew that I would have no rest until I had captured them swimming all over my beads and in and out of reeds and weeds.

So several days later I had another series and another 8 Fish Focals.

Then I had images of Birds Flying....unfortunately, these proved more tricky. I did not want a "cute" looking bird and that's what I kept ending up with. Frustrated and surrounded by various canes of all shapes sizes and colours (you should have seen my work table - talk about no room to work!) I decided that the birds were obviously waiting for warmer weather before allowing me to capture them.
By now I would ususally be thinking of the next new project - some Mica Shift maybe? Or perhaps some valentines hearts? I really should be making stock for Saturday's Craft Fair at Cirencester, but no - my muse demanded yet more Focal Beads and suddenly I knew what I wanted to put on them. Trees. Trees in winter against glowering skies, trees just coming into blossom in the spring before the leaves have had a chance to show themselves, trees in all their summer glory - autumn leaves drifting...I think you get the picture.

So 9 hours later I have another 7 Focals with Trees. Phew!

I am so happy with these beads - a completely different style of work for me and it has been great doing them.
Now I can finally start on something completely different - unless of course I do a series of butterfly ones......Hmmmm.!


PeculiarForest said...

awesome, are you going to turn them into anything or just leave them as beads?


Pips said...

Hi Lou!

They are going to be for sale just as beads. I keep being asked at the craft fair if I sell my beads on their own, so I thought I would do some in a completely different style from my jewellery and see how they go - keeping fingers crossed :)

treasurefield said...

Oh MY! Is it possible my favorites are... the fish??? I'm usually such a leaf and tree person ;) but those fish are awesome!!
I think ALL of you r work is beautiful, by the way. I hope I can "catch" one of those fish beads when they're available, not to mention one with branches sprouting new baby leaves!

Gemma said...

Love 'em all! Fish are my faves too

Melobeau said...

Pips, It is rare that I find myself so TOTALLY enamored of a "new to me" artist's work. I am stunned (and inspired) by your LOVELY floral, fish, and tree sets. As soon as I get time I want to look back over more of your work.

Pips said...

Treasurefield, thank you so much - what a lovely comment!

Thank you so much Gemma!

Melobeau - why thank you - that is such a lovely thing to say. I am so happy you like them and I hope you enjoy browsing through my other work too.