Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I was invited to a friends 40th Birthday Dinner Dance this weekend and the dress code was Black and White.

We had a wonderful time, with good friends, good food and good music. A chance to catch up and exchange news and relax a little in this busy time.

I pondered for a time on whether to get a dress with both black and white in it, but decided in the end that this was a wonderful opportunity to make a piece of jewellery in the theme.

However, after several weeks of trying to come up with something completely new - I was still drawing a blank. Why does my muse disappear at the most needed moments?

So I decided to try something new with an existing design. Here is the result. A faceted silver bead threaded into each cockleshell with looped wire. It took ages to make, but the ends justify the time spent I think. Extra Texture and extra shine and reflected light.

I love it when something evolves!


AnaIsa said...

Awesome! Absolutely beautiful! Together with a sleevless black dress ....

Pips said...

Thank you so much Analsa!

Yes - I wore it with my Little Black Dress, which set it off nicely!

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