Thursday, 21 May 2009

Coral Grove

Coral Grove
Originally uploaded by Pips Jewellery Creation
I have had quite a few comments on this new style of bangle, when I posted the picture of it first on Flickr.

I did not plan this style at all, it was just one of those "Oh I'll try doing this" sort of moments. The Bullseye Cane had been made for a different project and was just sitting there on my desk and I suddenly thought it would look good on the bangle.

I love textural pieces. Jewellery that not only looks good, but also feels good is a winner in my book!

It reminded me of coral, but the most interesting comment I had was that it looked like "octopus tentacles!" I know exactly what she means!


eve said...

I love this style pip, would look gorgeous in teals/brown or even cobalt blue,x

Pips said...

Thank you eve - yes I want to make lots of different colour ways in these - just have to get some more blanks first!

Jo said...

That looks lovely! I'm another one who likes jewellery that's tactile, that you can play with.
I've tagged you, by the way. Have a look at my blog for more details.

Laurel said...

Pippa,that's awesome! Great idea, great execution!

dichro-findings said...

I Want One! I want one!

If you email and let me know where the blanks are coming from . . I might be able to get a better deal! . . and keep em in stock for here in the UK :o)

Pips said...

Hi Jo - thanks for the tag - need to check that out!

Thanks so much Laurel!

Email on the way Gloria! x