Thursday, 7 August 2008

I've Been Gossiped About!!

Now, normally I would be a little upset to find out that I was the subject of Gossip!

However, being gossiped about on CraftGossip is an entirely different matter!

I was thrilled to spot two of my pendants featured there.

If you would like to see them, pop over to and have a look.

Thanks for the feature CraftGossip, I really appreciate it!


Amanda said...


Congrats on your feature on Craft Gossip, and welcome to the world of blogging! Hope you had a great vacation!
I'm tagging you! If you would like to participate, please create a blog post listing 7 random facts about yourself most people might not know. When you're finished, please tag 7 people yourself you would like to learn more about.

Check out my blog, for more info!


Carrieann said...

Congrats Pippa! I read the article, great stuff and it really shows off your amazing work!