Friday, 19 March 2010

Ups and Downs - seriously picture heavy!!

Life has been full of ups and downs recently.

I have been very busy with caring for my wonderful Mum, and have had to squeeze about 30 hours of work into a 24 hour day. I am sure you all know that feeling!

But despite the stress and worry of looking after someone I love very much, I have had to work as well. Weekly Craft Fairs are a wonderful outlet and brilliant time to connect with other crafters when you work from home and feel a bit isolated, but I have to say I have been finding it really hard to cope with making enough stock these last 3 weeks. On the other hand - it keeps me grounded and stops me from moping and worrying too much. It makes me work - and I can eventually loose myself in the work and just be.

Happy times also inbetween everything else. My beautiful and wonderful daughter has just turned 14!

Frogs are her "thing" of the moment - so I made 24 Frog Cupcakes for her birthday tea!

We also had a wonderful day out with her best friend and my best friend and went for a girlie day out to London and visited Harrods where the girls got their ears pierced (after nagging us Mums for the past 7 years!).

Life is good - and worrying - and stressful, but I am so lucky to have my wonderful family and my wonderful life, for all its ups and downs.

So anyway - here is what I have been working on.

The picture at the top is a swirled lentil bead necklace with leaf caps. A "happy mistake" was made with the leaf caps - I didn't realise when I placed them that they would all line up perfectly like flowers,but will be making sure I do it again!

This is something I am really pleased with - hundreds of leaves all made into components that interlock. The inspiration came from a little cliosonne articulated fish that my daughter has. Loved making it so much I made a bracelet and earrings to match!

Here are the rest of the things - lots more phot0s but not too much of me whittering on!!



Rebecca said...

Hi Pips,
wow you have been so busy, these get better each time I'm sure! I hope your Mum is ok and that you get SOME time to relax too!
Becky x

Doreen said...

So many beautiful creations! I have to say that I adore the interlocking leaves! What a wonderful idea!

Cara Jane (surfingcat) said...

Wow what a beautiful collection, you have been busy indeed.

I hope your mum is OK and the pressure on you relaxes.

Do you tend to make one of pieces for the craft fairs or do you make a few the same?

Did you ever come up with a name for the pink and black scrolled one?

Melobeau said...

What beautiful work you do, from the Frog cupcakes to the Black and white manipulated one, to the lentils with REALLY cool leaf end caps, to the articulated leafs, to Black and pink rollups, just unique and special pieces.
Hope that things with your mom are going OK and that you have a bit of time to relax with your clay and recharge, too. Wishing you many ups than downs in your life.

Pips said...

Thanks so much Becky! Some time to relax would be good!! Hope all is ok with you!

Thank you so much Doreen - I am planning on doing another one but with a slight difference - watch this space!

Cara - thank you. I have enjoyed making all the different thing. Thanks for the good wishes.

Anita - thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it.

Fiona said...

Wow. Your work is wonderful. I've just discovered your blog and will be back and add you to my blogroll. I need to really have time to linger and enjoy. Fantastic.

Pips said...

Hi Fiona, thank you so much - hope you enjoy looking around!

Janice at Blessed Bead Jewelry said...

You know, most people couldn't accomplish this much without all of the added responsibilities that you have! I am so impressed! Do take time out to sleep.

Pips said...

Thank you so much Janice! Yes - sleep - that would be good lol!!

Jael said...

Oh, Pippa, you are doing beautiful things!!! I am so blown away!!

Pips said...

Jael - thank you so very much!